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EM35 / 2009

Becaye Aw is a guitarist, singer and songwriter of the African Fulani (Haal Pulaar) people. Becaye spent his childhood in Dakar, Senegal, and it was here he first laid his hands on a guitar. Becaye is largely self-taught. After learning elementary guitar technique from a Serere musician, he went on to develop his own style, listening to recordings and to the radio. His African approach to guitar tuning and his way of playing the instrument result in a sound similar to the cora. Becaye began his musical career in Senegal, playing with musicians such as Baaba Maal and Mansuur Seck. He has since then participated in many groups and projects, in collaboration with a variety of musicians. This project is Becaye’s debut as a soloist. The album’s repertoire includes his compositions as well as traditional songs.

Becaye Aw – Guitars and vocals
Haddy Njie – Vocals
Helge Andreas Norbakken – Percussion
Leni Banel Aw – Vocals
Olav Torget – Electric guitar, hoddu, bongosSolfrid Molland – Accordion, vocals

Arrangements: Olav Torget, Helge A. Norbakken and Becaye Aw
Compositions: Becaye Aw, except Radio Guinee(trad.)
Lyrics: Becaye Aw, except Pulloori (Becaye/Trad) and SukaaBe (Trad/Becaye/Haddy)

Recording and Mix: Olav Torget
Production: Olav Torget and Becaye AwMastering: Tom Karlsrud
Photos: Michal Wasaznik
Consultant, english text: Mary BarthelemyDesign: Selbutrykk

Special acknowledgements to all the musicians for their friendly support. Thanks to Helge A. Norbakken and Olav Torget for their inspiration and active involvement all along. Etnisk Musikklubb wishes to thank: Fond for lyd og bilde and Norsk kulturråd for financial support.

Varenummer: EM35