About us in English

To our english speaking members, overseas contacts and suppliers:

We are an unique Scandinavian fastgrowing music club for genuine Folk/Ethnic music and related exploitative fields. We are an efficient tool for providing availability within this genre.We invite you on a discovery of the genuine musical heritage’s of the world. We are often presenting music with scales and tonality that goes crosswise of what our western educated ears are taught to be «the right ones». Genuine ethnic music are crosswise music that often goes beyond modern states borders and beyond what the commercial interests of the multinational pop industry normally bother to spend money on – Our mission is to go crosswise and bring up the traditional music of the peoples and ethnic groups of the world. Our mission is to teach young people who daily are heavly exposed to a commercialised dominating on-track culture, that the earth is not flat culturally, but consists of a great variety of exiting musical expressions. – Welcome to voyages of multicultural discoveries!

We provide our suppliers with direct access to the principle target groups for this kind of music, as well as are ready to musical outlets in Scandinavia on retailbase. Our member magazine are released 8-9 times a year. We focus on various subjects in each magazine and suppliers may be represented in the magazines according to their possibility to cover a range of changing subjects with quality CD’s. The firm are founded and jointly owned by major Folk- and Jazz Festivals in Norway and by the General Manager.

We are a successful fastgrowing membership-based music club for genuine ethnic music and related explorative fields. The company has proved to be an efficient tool for promotion, distribution and resale of quality CDs of traditional ethnic/folk/world music. We invite members on a discovery of genuin musical heritage’s of the world, that consist of a great variety of exiting musical expressions. We provide suppliers with direct access to the hottest target groups for this kind of music. We also distribute to a selected range of specialised music outlets on a retail basis in the Scandinavian countries and sometimes beyond. EM is a unique sales channel especially of CDs of traditional music. We currently stand on the threshold of expanding our business activity in two fields. With the intention of exporting, we have in a limited scale started producing CDs of Norwegian folk music featuring traditional and multi-cultural artists of supreme international quality. Furthermore, within some months, we will widely expand our sales capacity by adapting all our business areas for Internet sales. Using new technology, we aim to expand and become a more efficient and powerful sales tool for ethnic music in the years ahead. We have a wide market knowledge. Members get access to a rare mix of world wide titles in one place. Promotion and sales through us provide suppliers with Scandinavian and worldwide coverage through Internet.