Arne Fredriksen. Founder of EMCD and Etnisk Musikklubb

EMCD and Etnisk Musikklubb

Etnisk Musikklubb is an independent label available for distribution and licensing world wide. Featuring recordings by prize-winning Norwegian performers and multicultural artists of international stature, our production has a common profile with the world’s ethnic repertoire. This adds variation to the World Music repertoire from an area of the world still considered undiscovered by many music lovers. We are currently expanding our business by exporting the EM label and seek reliable new partners for world distribution.

Etnisk Musikklubb makes modern and timeless documentation of the intangible cultaral heritage of ethnic and folk traditions of the Nordic countries.

Our production policy are formed in this Manifest:

– Let intangible cultural heritage shine.
– Modern and timeless documentation of ethnic and folk traditions of the Nordic countries.
– Create unique, personal albums with proficient performers with musical colors and nuances.
– Design albums that are both attractive and esthetic.
– Document cultural heritage through illustrated booklets with text in several languages.
– Create productions that reflect identity and have a story to tell.
– Increase awareness of our own traditions and lay claim to new venues and audiences.
– Local music is global music. We are sharing our intangible cultural heritage with the world.

Hardingfele. Knut K. Steintjønndalen, 1952.

Munnharpe fra Setesdal. Trolig bokstavene for Peder Jennson Bjørnhom som er innskårne. Foto: Paul Sveinall.