Semno palla mander


Ralf Novak Rosengren

kr 180

EM69 / 2010

In spite of politics and national borders, the Romani People [Swedish: Resanderomska, English: Gypsies/Travellers) in Scandinavia have had close contact with each other since the Middle Ages. This is reflected in the music and song traditions they have in common. Songs have traveled with the Romanies and spread from family to family, from country to country. The Romani People of Sweden and Norway have been especially close. Swedish Romanies sing many songs that contain Norwegian words and are said to have come from Norway. Likewise, Norwegian Romani songs contain Swedish words and are said to have come from Sweden. Finland was part of Sweden from the 1200’s until 1809, when it was taken over by Russia. This shows clearly in their music and song traditions.Some songs have survived from the time when Finland and Sweden were one country. The repertoire presented on this CD includes songs from Finland and Norway that are a natural part of the Swedish Romani culture, and songs in Swedish, Romani and Swedish-Romani. About the songs and ballads Traditional Romani songs can be sorted into several categories: Medieval ballads (most often heroic ballads). Broadside ballads, Love songs, Prison Songs, Romani folk songs (in the Romani language or in Swedish-Romani), Traveling Songs and Religious songs.

Varenummer: EM69