Music From Balouchistan



kr 180

EM67 / 2013

Balochi folk music is very much a living, dynamic music form, and is used on all kinds of occasions. New lyrics and melodies are constantly being created and absorbed into the repertoire, side by side with older traditional material. Demonstration of this aspect was primary for Padik, when the group entered into this recording project. The resulting CD is a mix of older and newer Balochi folk songs. Padik performs songs using zahirig (scales/modes) called kebla, keblai, mihanag, rudbari, sorna, and gole zahirig. Abdulrahman has composed melodies to several poems by Balochi poet Aziz Dadiar, who now lives in Nybro, Sweden.

Padik was created in 2001 by Rostam Mirlashari, Abdulrahman Surizehi and Swedish fiddler, Ellika Frisell. Various percussionists have played with the group,amongthemSebastianNotini,RafaelSida and Fredrik Gille. Today, Padik consists of Mirlashari, Surizehi and Hardanger fiddler Anne Hytta. Tabla drummer Nafees Irfan is the percussionist on this recording. The quartet has played concerts in much of Europe and the Arabian Peninsula. In 2010 they performed on BBC Persian in London as part of the celebration of Newroz [Persian New Year celebration that coincides with the spring equinox].“Padik” is a name for the little ankle jingles worn by Balochi women as part of their traditional dress.

The musicians: Abdulrahman Surizehi from Saravan, Iran, now living in Oslo, Norway, is without dispute the grand maestro of the benjo, a type of keyed zither from Balochistan. Considered a living legend by music lovers of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of India, he has been awarded the prestigious “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” and the Norwegian Folk Music Awards’ prize. Rrecordings with Golbang, numerous folk music recordings in the Balochi world and three solo releases on Etnisk Musikklubb. Surizehi also builds instruments, both for his own use and for other performers of the benjo.

Padik’s lead singer, Rostam Mirlashari is from Zahedan, Iran, and is now living in Stockholm, Sweden. He performs traditional and modern music from Balochistan. Mastering a variety of traditional singing techniques, he adds shimmering depth to the group’s sound. Mirlashari founded and performs with the highly successful world music group Golbang,.Mirlashari “must have one of Sweden’s most beautiful and seductive voices”. He has appeared several timesonVoiceofAmerica,BBCandonSwedishnational television and radio.

Anne Hytta is a Norwegian Hardanger fiddler soloist who also plays with various ensembles, such as her trio Slagr and the international folk string quartet Tokso. . She has studied Balochi music with Abdulrahman Surizehi with whom she has performed in numerous concerts. The Norwegian Hardanger fiddle and the Balochi soroud both have sympathetic under- strings. When Anne’s Hardanger fiddle playing is woven into Balochi music, the resulting sound is not “cross-over”, but traditional Balochi with a delightful, slightly exotic twist.

Nafees Irfan belongs to the new generation of musicians from Pakistan. He is a skilled musician in the classical Pakistani music tradition and has a vast knowledge of folk music.

Varenummer: EM67