kr 180

EM85 / 2010

The most fun about making music is to be able to compose one’s own material and play around with the material of others.

Ever since Bengalo started (in 2000), the group has sought to evolve its own kind of expression, or “sound”. Working with musicians from various countries and different backgrounds has helped us along the way.

This album is a product of a continuing process…

P.S. Foy is Serbian meaning something like ick, ugh or yuk…


Anne Fossen – vocals
Jovan Pavlovic – accordion, kaval (track 1), vocal (track 6)
Christian Haug – guitar

Also participating on the album are:

Mattis Kleppen – el.bass
Oluf Dimitri Røe – violin
Rasmus Rohde – banjo (track 7)
Idd Azziz – djembe (tracks 1, 5, 7 and 9)


2. To Tragoudi ton gifton – trad. Greek
3. Plavi Most – Jovan Pavlovic
4. Jugo – Jovan Pavlovic
5. Hakka møkk – Jovan Pavlovic
6. Sila Kale bal – trad.
7. Jam in the mountains – Bengalo/Allman Brothers
8. Katreftizo – trad. Greek
9. Yahabibi – trad.
10. Five in Berlin – Jovan Pavlovic

Recorded at Skansen Studio in Trondheim, Norway. Track 8 is recorded in Beograd, Serbia.
Studio technician: Stein Bratland

Mixing: Lars Lien
Mastering: Lars Lien
Production: Bengalo

Varenummer: EM85