Where The Music Traditions From Baluchistan, Persia And India Meet



kr 180

EM05 / 2001

Javid Afsari Rad – Santor
Abdulrahman Surizehi – Benju and Soroud
Jamil Ahmad Magsi – Doholak and Tabla
Ghulam Muhammad – Tanburag
Majid Hesabi – Tombak

The group Karvan plays music that is a meeting with the Persian and the Baluchi regions. To of the five musicians comes from the cultural city Esfahan in Iran, two are from Baluchistan which include South- East Iran, South Afghanistan of South- Vest of Pakistan and on from Karachi in Pakistan. Abdulrahman Surizehi is considered a world-leading virtuoso on Benju. Sufi trance music from Baluchistan is their main expression but with a strong mixture with Persian classical music on Santour. Accompanied by percussion instruments like Tombak, Doholak, Tanburag and Tabla.

Varenummer: EM05