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EM39 / 2008

Amir was born in Baghdad. He started playing the Darbuka when he was 12 years old and the Oud from the age of 15. Amir has been a professional musician since the age of 17. He is educated at the academy of music in Baghdad. In 2000 he moved to Norway. Tigris Nights is his second album with Hassan. On his first album, Naheddi, he played with Hassan and Adama Barry from Africa. Hassan has met Amir by a coincidence in his hairdresserin 2003 and then they started to play together. On the albumTigris Nights he plays the Oud, Darbuka and sings in Arabic.

Hassan is 27 years old. He was born in Basrah where he started playing theOud when he was 18 years old. Hassan is not just playing music, he is alsomaking music and writing lyrics. He was a member of the poem associationin Basrah. Studied theater in Basrah university in 1999–2000. In 2001 hehad to leave his country, and the destination was Norway. Here in Norwayhe joined the music band «Naheddi» in Bergen in 2005, and Naheddi washis first album. He left the group in 2006, and now he is playing in another band called «Gilgamesh». On the albumTigris Nights he plays the Oud and sings in Arabic. He has made some of the songs in the album.

Øivind is educated from the music conservatory in Kristiansand and has lived as a freelance musician and instrument teacher for 8 years. He has performed with Oscar Peterson-guitarist Ulf Wakenius in Tokyo and Copenhagen, playing with Inger Marie Gundersen band which has toured Poland, Japan, Denmark, South Korea and released two CDs. He has also worked with famous folkmusic singer Kirsten Bråten Berg on CD and on stage several times. He is member of «Funktioneers», a cinematic funk fusion band from Bergen.

Varenummer: EM39