kr 180

EM28 / 2006

Anne Fossen: vocals
Jovan Pavlovic: accordian and vocals
Oluf Dimitri Røe: violin and vocals Andreas Amundsen: bass
Christian Haug: guitar

Tor Haugerud: percussion
Petar Ralchev: accordion
Eivind Lønning: trumpet


The group BENGALO was formed in Trondheim in 2000, and consists of four musicians and one vocalist. Romany music is Bengalo’s speciality, but due to the fact that members of the group have their backgrounds from different musical genres, they have developed a very personal style. Jovan Pavlovic is also member of Urban Tunells Klezmerband and Oluf Dimitri Røe will be known from the group Fri Flyt! Bengalo in action is a musical firework, which anyone who has heard them at concerts and festivals already knows. Their drive is the music of the Romany people, with its passion, vituosity, vitality, improvisation and spontaniety as centerpoint. Bengalo is a Romany word which means wild and joyful. And it is very easy to become just that when you listen to this music. On this new album Sigg Sigg (meaning Fast, Fast), the lyrics are both in Romany, Serbian and Norwegian. The group pledges allegiance to autenticity whil at the same time originality is the central feature both in form, expression and arrangements: Accordion, violin, vocals, bass and guitar make up the band, Precussion, accordion and trumpet are played by gest musicians.

Varenummer: EM28