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EM04 / 2000


World Leading Tabla Virtuoso Of Norway
Winner In The Hariballabh Tabla Contest In India In 1995
Winner Of The Prestigious «TALENTIADEN» In Norway In 1997

In 1980 the birth of Jai Shankar took place in the village of Nurmatal in India. Being born in a family of musicians and leading the fourth generations of music, he also heritaged strong roots of Indian classical music traditions. In 1981 when he was 10 month old only, he came to Norway with his family. Since his early age he has practiced very hard under the guidance of his father Shri Lal. Jai gave his first concert at the age of 6. When he was 8 years old, he was selected by The Norwegian Institutions for Concerts to perform in different schools in Norway. After that he started giving concerts both solo and as accompaniment to other musicians. A part form Indian music, he started playing with other style as jazz, folklore, Latino, rock, pop, etc., which make him as an all rounder musician. . In 1995 he participated in «below 30» Tabla-contest in India called The Hariballabh competition. There he got the winner prize, which inspired him a lot. In Norway he won the prestigious «TALENTIADEN» in 1997. Being the first foreign rooted youth to win such a prize made him popular through out the whole Scandinavia. Since that time he has been engaged in different projects and he has been playing concerts both in Norway and abroad with musicians of different kinds.

Varenummer: EM04