Scordatura (Slåtter fra Tinn)


Anne Svånaug Haugan

kr 180

EM26 / 2006

The Dahle music from Tinn is one of the oldest and best preserved hardanger fiddle traditions in Telemark. In the 18th Century, Tinn was a meeting place for many fiddlers. The souce of this album is Gunnar Gunnar Dahle (1902-1988) a talented musician, who passed on their tradition to young fiddlers. The informal, detailed, and orally conveyed instruction is certainly one of the most important aspects of a Hardanger fiddle player’s accomplishment. When the county of Telemark established instruction in traditional music in the fall of 1972, Gunnar Dahle was employed as teacher in Tinn. Haugan’s mother recovered the hardanger fiddle used by her husband and had her join in. When funding dried up two years later, Gunnar quietly said: You may learn all you want, for free. Thus a master-student relationship was established that was to last for 16 years. The Hardanger fiddle tradition of Tinn is rich and powerful, both regarding the amount of fiddle tunes as well as rare tunings or scordaturas.

Varenummer: EM26