kr 180

EM23 / 2005

Adama Barry: Flutes, Song in Frence, Fulani and Moré

Hassan Mahdi: Oud, Djembe, Song in Arabic

Amir Saion: Oud, Darbuka, Song in Arabic

Naheddi is a Fulani word meaning creativity and resourcefulness in a situation with little spare time, material benefits or peace but where man in spite of this is able to create fine music. Amir Saion and Hassan Mahdi originally came from Iraq. They now live in Norway. Adama Barry from Burkina Faso visits Norway frequently. They all perform songs in Arabian, Fulani and French. Amir Saion plays the traditional Iraqi string instrument Oud together with the Arabian percussion instrument Darabuka. Adama plays Fulani music on the traditional flute Duliaru. Hassan Mahdi plays the West African drum Djembe. The music consists of traditional songs and rhythms from Burkina Faso and Iraq, as well as compositions by the musicians themselves.

Varenummer: EM23