Kjeringe I Snødrevet


Lise Lunde Brennhagen

kr 180

EM61 / 2012

Lise Lunde Brennhagen is one of the most active langeleik-players today, with many competitions behind her. Having grown up in Valdres and Gjøvik she has gained inspiration from the two main regions for traditional langeleik playing in Norway. In her playing, Lise tends to lean primarily toward the Valdres tradition.

Lise first learned langeleik playing from Guri Marie Hegge of Øystre Slidre valley, in Valdres. Guri Marie has a large repertoire of traditional tunes and stories. Also other traditional performers have been sources of inspiration for Lise. In recent years, Brøtagutadn [ The Bråten-boys], Ole and Knut Aastad Bråten, have provided both support and inspiration.

In 1998, at the age of 13, Lise made her debut at Landskappleiken [Norwegian National Folk Music And Dance Competition] playing with the Gjøvik spelmannslag’s Langeleik ensemble. Later, she participated in competitions both in large and smaller langeleik ensembles, as well as performing solo. She won in her junior class in 2001 and 2003, and has subsequently done well in the class for seniors. Jørn Hilme Stemne, a summer festival in Valdres, has meant a lot to Lise. Here she has participated in both dance and solo langeleik playing, and has also played the instrument for dancing! Lise is a good dancer and has danced Valdres springar in competitions.

Lise has been instructor at the annual Strunkoveko youth camp in Valdres for many years, where she has shared her knowledge with younger performers on the instrument. Along with other young folk musicians of Valdres, she participated in the CD-production ”Uminan”.

Lise’s langeleik playing is steady, with good dance rhythm, and she adheres to the tradition she has learned. She has always been eager to learn new material, and she picks out the best parts of the various traditions, finding her own personal tune versions. Although she is basically a modest person, when she sits down at her langeleik it is clear that she has something to tell. Her playing is colorful and she is a solid bearer of tradition that langeleik players of Valdres are proud of!

Varenummer: EM61