In The Name Of Our Ancestors



kr 180

EM82 / 2015

«POEMUS» has existed for over couple of years, first as a trio Poemus and now for almost two years as an orchestra with 5-6 musicians. All bandmembers come from different areas in Ex-Yugoslavia, have different backgrounds and cultural roots.

With roots in thousand year long traditions, mixed with contemporary expressions, the orchestra «POEMUS» plays original music from the former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe and Balkan mixed with gypsy music, with own arragements and style. With all this, brought to you in a genuine and spontaneous way, «POEMUS» conveys music that allows the audience to take part in intense moments of joy and sorrow.

Most of the concerts will give you a taste of music from Middle- and Southern parts of Serbia, Vojvodina with border close to Hungary, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Serbian folk music has always been influenced by music from the neighboring contries such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albany. You will also recognize elements from Turkish and Greek music.

Medleys from the Vojvodina area will give you a taste of Hungarian music which is played there, since a large part of the population in Vojvodina is Hungarian.

You will get a musical journey through Macedonia. Macedonian folk music is outstanding because they have a special time signature where subdivisions as 7/8, 9/8 and 11/8 is very common.

Varenummer: EM82