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Helge Myrheim

kr 180

EM24 / 2006

Norwegian drums, Hardanger fiddle solo, Hardanger fiddle accompanied by small Norwegian drum, Hardanger fiddle and dancers, langeleik og Jew’s harp.

Valdresspingar, bruremarsj og halling, samt fem ulike felestille; høg bas, låg bas, ljøsblått, hundrestille og grønt stille.

An original and colourfull album in the Norwegian folk music tradition featuring Helge Myrheim, an autodidact and virtuoso fiddle player from the eastern Norwegian district of fra Valdres. Myrheim was virtually unknown in Norwegian folk music circles untill he suddenly emerged from a MC environment just a few years ago. He impressed greatly as fiddle player, participated at fliddler contests (kappleik) and won time after time. Myrheim has composed his own, original material, and also developed personal versions of traditional fiddle tunes. He is known for his original playing technique, and even makes his own instruments. Myrheim plays both Hardanger fiddle, langeleik, Jew’s harp and big slåttetromme, i.e. big tambour drums which was a special element of the folk music in Valdres and western Norway. In the later years Myrheim has often participated in fiddler contests (kappleiker) and often won his classes/genres. Helge has invited Gro Randen på play on some of the tracks, accompanying him on a small slåttetromme. This enhances the musical variation, gives some of the tunes a certain depth and character as well as a wider range. To sum it all up: This double CD is a colourful phonogram from a very personal performer!

Varenummer: EM24