Folk Songs And Contemporary Songs From Balochistan


Abdulrahman Surizehi

kr 180

EM44 / 2007

This album is focusing on Abdulrahman Surizehi both as a performing artist on Benjuand a composer and arranger of contemporary melodies. As the titles indicate, this album is a blend between contemporary songs and folk songs – about half of each. The Balochi music is related to the musical traditions of southern Afghanistan, western Pakistan and eastern Iran, and has its very distinctive scales and rhythms. In dialog with tradition, Surizehi creates vital and creative musical expressions and styles within the Balochi musical traditions. This album is topped by to prominent singers; Kaseim Hamin and Es Haq Balochnasab, both excellent performers within this tradition. Abdulrahman Surizehi is considered among connoisseurs as the worlds leading performer on the Balochi instrument Benju. He reveals vitality, creativity and exhibits extensive knowledge of Balochi tradition, as well as an outstanding mastering of comprehensive repertoires on the Benju. This he has picked up through innumerable meetings and recordings with several great masters both in Iran and Pakistan. The Benju is a dulcimer like instrument, which appeared in Balochistan in the first part of last century, presumably by way of Japan. In Balochistan it was developed and improved; the Balochi Benju is approximately one metre in length and is about twice the size of its closest relatives. The main string is double with accompanied strings on each side. Abdulrahman benefited considerably through having a good teacher in his father, Joma Surizehi, who is considered central in improving the instrument, as well as consolidating the Benju in Balochi tradition. Abdulrahman is resident in Oslo, and has in Norway been a contributor in several fusion-based music projects, but is progressively per- forming on the international arena. He is known to a world audience through participation at festivals and concerts, and also for his brilliant contributions on Balochi recordings. He has built up considerable prestige and fame among connoisseurs of Balochi tradition both inside Balochistan and beyond.

Guest artists:
ES HAQ BALOCHNASAB – Vocal and tamburag

Varenummer: EM44