Flyr Fritt


Fri Flyt

kr 180

EM07 / 2001


A group of six musicians of very different backgrounds, where Norwegian fiddle tunes meet Sámi yoik, Bulgarian old-style clarinet playing, Greek island music, and so on… The musicians inspire each other and sometimes borrow elements from the various styles, creating a colourful and highly original music ranging form a rusty, heavy groove to the poetic and minimalistic.

Peter Bastian: A remarkable Danish clarinet and bassoon player, a master of traditional clarinet playing in Bulgarian and Turkish styles

Gabriel Fliflet: An accordion player from Bergen on the west coast of Norway, familiar with several folk-music traditions.

Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup hails from a village in Sámiland in northern Norway.He is an outstanding master of the Sámi people’s vocal art called yoik, with his own unique, often experimental style.

Ole Hamre: A leading Norwegian drummer who, together with Gabriel Fliflet, forms the one-of-a- kind Fliflet/Hamre duo. He is an expert on non- symmetrical rhythms – try following him in the 7/16 and 9/16 beats

Oluf Dimitri Røe: A Greek-Norwegian fiddler who has played with Rumanian gypsy musicians as well as Greek bagpipers.

Olav Tveitane plays double bass and guitar. Experienced in a wide range of styles, he has been playing Norwegian traditional dance music since 1975.

Varenummer: EM07