Ein etter far



kr 170

EM112 / 2016

They have been playing together for four years and been widely praised for their live performances. Raabygg are backed by their record company «Etnisk Musikklubb» when they now publish their first record. «Ein etter far» has been recorded in Kongshavn Studio in Kristiansand, Norway, with Annbjørg Lien as producer and Endre Kirkesola as technician. The production is «an exciting journey in violin, vocals and other folk instruments where the music ranges from dark «setesdalsgangar» to epic ballads» – Annbjørg Lien.


Raabygg has their name and music from Agder interior, an area called Raabyggelaget. The name «Raabyggelaget» was used for the area which stretches from Setesdal in the north to Gjerstad in the east and Hægeland, Iveland and Åseral in the west, for over 1300 years. Raabygg keeps the tradition of the area alive and are at the same time putting their own mark on the forceful music of the area with Hardanger fiddle s, harps and the lyre. The members of the group are Johanne Flottorp from Åmli, Tuva Færden from Oslo and Sigrid Kjetilsdotter Jore from Valle. All three are also active in several different bands and are well rooted as solo -practitioners in their respective traditions. The group won the open class at Lanskappleiken (a Norwegian music festival) in 2016.


On Raabygg’s debut album «Ein etter far» you will find verse, waltz, springar, gangar, and other traditional Norwegian folk danses. The music is mild, wild and surprising and has been kept alive by generations of Norwegians. The sound can be said to be reminicient of the bluesgrass artist Allison Krauss.

Varenummer: EM112