Akkedoria Frå Kristiania


Øyonn Groven Myhren

kr 180

EM10 / 2003


This is the first-ever CD dedicated entirely to Norwegian folk tune trolling, or mouth music. Øyonn Groven Myhren is an Oslo girl but, true to her roots, she sings folk tunes from West Telemark and upper Hallingdal. On this CD she performs solo and on five of the tracks she is self- accompanied on a seven-string lyre. The music has a singular beauty – intriguing, varied and dense. This heavyweight recording sets itself apart from all others which it is natural to compare it with. Øyonn’s vocal rendition of folk tunes has a rare melodious, tonal and rhythmic elegance. Her vocal technique is intricate and sometimes breathtaking. Her lyre accompaniments are refined and captivating. But, above all, her performance is genuine to the core. The production bears witness to a deep and thorough understanding of the material. The musical content is distinctive and rich. Some of the tunes have been handed down verbally in her family for seven generations, pre-dating the legendary master fiddler “Myllarguten”.

Sources and mentors are credited in the accompanying booklet. Her vocal renditions have captivated audiences on many other occasions, and she has twice topped the vocal-folk-music genre at the national folk music and dance championships. She is even more captivating on this CD. Her combination of a vibrant voice and a keen ability to present the many facets of an exacting genre will make this album a permanent landmark in Norwegian folk music on CD.

Varenummer: EM10